The Real (?) Ronnie

There are not too many 43 year olds out there who commonly get mistaken as their son’s girlfriend, have four houses in West Vancouver, a vineyard in Nappa, and/or a private jet. But for Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, that’s her reality.

The newest star of the Real Housewives franchise has been stirring the pot on the hit show not only with the ladies, but with the men. This housewife is so confident in her looks that she had a professional photo shoot done to fill with the walls of her husband’s man cave with mouth-watering images.  While money can’t buy a sassy attitude, it can sure help to keep your body picture perfect.

Today we will have a look a cosmetic surgery procedures that help get that “Ronnie” look.

Breast Augmentation
More and more women over 40 are opting for this cosmetic procedure to reverse the sagging, drooping, and other mishaps that bearing children and age can have on the breasts.

With 40 being the new 30, many plastic surgeons feel that removing bumps and straightening out the nose will help to preserve a youthful look by drawing attention to the cheeks and eyes.

Dermal Fillers
If you’re going to be drawing attention to those cheeks then it’s important that they look good! Dermal fillers are incredibly popular choice to add volume and improve contour in the cheek area.

This one pretty much goes without saying, botox is great for a variety of things from smoothing out facial lines to reducing excess sweating.

Tummy Tuck
It would be tough to be bikini ready after having 4 children, like Ronnie, without a little nip and tuck to help shape and flatten your midsection.

While we can’t confirm that Ronnie has had any of these procedures done, we can certainly recommend ones that will help you look like her.