The Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

Some celebrities are famous for their physical features, whether it be Kim Kardashian’s big butt or Gene Simmons’ absurdly long tongue. But did you know that these celebrities go to great lengths to insure their body parts? In fact, some of these celebrities have insured their body parts for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts:

10) Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen- Voice

Rod Stewart and the Boss are known for their legendary and distinctive voices. So just how valuable are these hall-of-famers’ chops? According to Yahoo, both singers’ voices are insured for $6 million each.

9) Tom Jones – Chest hair

We all know Tom Jones has older women cooing (and throwing their underwear at him on stage), but it’s not unusual that this ageless heartthrob would want to preserve his legendary chest hair. Tom’s chest hair is currently insured for $7 million dollars.

8) Fernando Alonso – Thumbs

Two-time Formula One Driver Champion Fernando Alonso’s insured his thumbs not only to protect his driving hands, but as a symbol of victory. So just how much is this “victory symbol” worth? $9 million dollars to be exact.

7) America Ferrera – Smile

The Ugly Betty star’s beautiful smile is worth $10 million dollars.

6) Julia Roberts – Smile

Julia Roberts’ famous eye-catching smile is also worth a ton of money. The Hollywood A-lister currently has her smile insured for $30 million dollars.

5) Michael Flatley – Legs

The Lord of the Dance had his flexible legs insured for $40 million.

4) David Beckham – Legs

The soccer heartthrob had his kickers insured for $70 million.

3) Christian Ronaldo – Legs

It’s no surprise that two huge soccer stars would insure their legs. Ronaldo’s legs are also worth a huge price tag: $144 million.

2) Jennifer Lopez – Butt

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one of big butt fame. J.Lo’s large backside is currently insured for $300 million dollars.

1) Mariah Carey – Legs

So just how much do Mariah Carey’s never-ending long legs go for? According to the Independent, Mimi’s legs are insured for a total of $1 billion dollars, making her legs the most expensive celebrity body part to date.