Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Rumors

While Hollywood’s female celebs are most commonly associated with plastic surgery rumors, such as those suggesting that they have gotten breast implants, Botox injections, face lifts, and liposuction, Tinseltown’s most famous male stars also go under the knife on a regular basis. In fact, Mission Impossible and Jerry Maguire star Tom Cruise has been sporting a younger facial look for some time now…one that definitely has people wondering if he took the plunge and freshened up his look via a full face lift.

Before, Tom looked great, but he was starting to show characteristic signs of aging, such as pronounced naso-labial folds (these run from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth), droopier eye skin, and a slight jowl. Now, this confessed fitness fanatic has a perfectly-defined jawline, a silky-smooth forehead, and noticeably higher cheekbones.

 While Tom was obviously very good looking before surgery, he’s looking absolutely fantastic now. We may never know the truth about Tom’s rumored facelift – however, it’s safe to say that he did something to change his appearance in a very dramatic and measurable way. To avoid the issue, most celebrities cite yoga, special diets, or extreme fitness routines as the reason for their new youthfulness and “glow”, and Tom is no exception.

However, the truth is that these strategies work wonders for fitness, while doing little to alleviate wrinkles, sun damage, and the natural way that the years take their toll on the face. Therefore, a little help from a plastic surgeon is often the icing on the cake of a healthy diet and exercise routine. All evidence points to Tom having a full face lift from a plastic surgeon with a very developed sense of aesthetics. Tom’s alleged facial work is balanced, natural, and designed to highlight his natural attributes.

While the biggest celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, usually don’t comment on plastic surgery rumors, there is every possibility that Cruise’s alleged face lift really did happen. After all, this famous Scientologist and hubby of actress Katie Holmes certainly has the means to pay the world’s most respected and skilled plastic surgeons. Tom’s rumored work leaves him with a fresh, lifted look that is really quite natural. If he had a facelift, it’s an example of excellent work that really does shave ten to fifteen years off of his “visual” age.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, be certain to seek out the services of a board-certified plastic surgeon, as choosing this type of plastic surgeon is the key to getting superlative results.