Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery: New Everything


Some women diet and exercise to try and lose weight, but TV talk-show host and former DWTS celebrity Wendy Williams skipped right to the chase. “Who the hell wants to diet and exercise when you can have liposuction. I didn’t want to wait. I wanted my new body now…”

Of course liposuction isn’t the only surgery Wendy has had. At this stage it’s estimated that she’s spent close to $100,000 on plastic surgery and her look has become very unique. What may have started with a bit of liposuction to correct a weight problem that Wendy has had for years evolved into multiple breast implant procedures, a tummy tuck and facial work including a nose job and perhaps Botox as well. The end result is elaborate.

While some women prefer to have their plastic surgery a bit understated, Wendy is very comfortable showing off her new look and letting everyone know she’s enjoyed the benefits of plastic surgery. While perhaps not a household name before her stint on Dancing with the Stars, plastic surgery has made Wendy someone to be reckoned with. As Wendy herself states, “Surgery gave me body acceptance. I say boola-boola to all you women out there who don’t care how you look. I was never comfortable being overweight. I always felt like a smaller woman trapped in that big body, waiting to be unleashed…

Well, judging by the before and after picture of Wendy’s surgery, it’s pretty safe to assume that she’s ready to be unleashed now! Very large breasts sit high on Wendy’s chest showing off her much flatter and more defined abdominal area. That tightening would be thanks to a tummy tuck she enjoyed along her cosmetic surgery journey. You can tell her nose is shaped differently and her forehead is smooth and almost unresponsive under her big hair. All told, it may not be a look that works for every woman, but it certainly works for Wendy Williams.

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