WWE Chyna Plastic Surgery: Facial Fillers

Former pro wrestler Chyna is no stranger to plastic surgery. Her career in wrestling was made especially interesting in the last decade when she got breast implants. One of her implants ruptured during a fight and she had the regular models removed and had custom breast implants inserted in their place. These custom breast implants are now the go-to implant for other female wrestlers.

But fascinating history aside, Chyna is back in the news for plastic surgery, and it’s just as interesting in a amazing sort of way. While there are no deflating breasts in sight, Chyna has changed her pretty face into a much fuller version of herself using facial fillers.

According to at least one celebrity plastic surgery, Dr. Anthony Youn: “Chyna’s face looks like a bloated version of itself… It appears that a cosmetic surgeon plumped it up beyond recognition, likely with injections of fat or other facial filler. To say it looks overdone is an understatement.”

While we are normally all for facial fillers to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, in this particular case we have to agree with the doctor. There is something going on here that is detracting from Chyna’s natural looks. In older pictures, Chyna had a full face with a rounded chin and jawline. Her eyes were always a particularly striking feature.

With her new facial procedures, Chyna’s face has gone beyond round to something far larger. Her cheeks are prominent and her jaw line has widened more than her brow creating asymmetry.

Fortunately, facial fillers absorb over time and the swollen appearance of Chyna’s face will fade over time. With only a few public appearances in 2012, we’re looking forward to seeing Chyna again with more graceful features enhanced rather than overshadowed by cosmetic surgery.